Brian Gilder – He “tell’s it like it is…”

As the President of an National IMO, I get the chance to work with some great producers. There are many similarities between the best, but at the same time they are all unique in their own way. One of the best in the business is Brian Gilder. He has consistently been one our top producer for the last 10 years. He bases his practice on a fundamental belief that if you can read a client’s tax return you can provide the best service and help the client make the right decisions. For years I have been asking Brian to teach what he knows. Two years ago we introduced the training that has now become the state-of-the-art training for reps who want to learn Brian’s phenomenal system. The training – “Follow the Money – Using Tax Returns as the Basis of Your Practice” has been conducted four times. Each time the feedback and reviews have been off the charts. But more important, the reps who take the course have all had great success in incorporating Brian’s ideas into what they do.

Brian is a straight shooter…like the famous Howard Cosell, he “tell’s it like it is.” I asked him to write an article for the blog so you could get a feel for how he thinks and why his training is a must for advisors who want “real” training that is applicable and duplicatable. Enjoy.

What Do Professional Athletes and Insurance Agents Have In Common?

by Brian Gilder

What do Professional Athletes and Insurance Agents have in common? People and companies kiss their ass. I have been in the financial industry for over 18 years and work with professional athletes and financial advisors. When it comes to athletes and agents in our industry it seems most people/companies are afraid to speak the truth and challenge us to be better.

Professional athletes have been kissed up to since Junior High and everyone is afraid to tell them “NO”. You wonder why 60-70% of professional athletes go broke three-fives years after they leave the game? Nobody had the guts to stand up to tell them because they were afraid of getting fired. The players I work with know that I am not a kiss up. I always tell them 1000’s of people would love to work with you; however I am not going to kiss up to you when we are working with your finances.

Our industry is the same. A marketing wholesaler invites you to a free conference that serves some drinks and food to butter you up to write insurance business under them. Next, they explain how great you and their products are and might give you a sales script to follow. That is great another 1,000 agents reading from the same script. What was better the food or the knowledge?

When you are finished with a webinar or conference do you feel 100% confident you can talk to consumers about life, annuities, long term care, estate planning or pension planning?

Do you feel 100% confident talking with a clients CPA and estate planning attorney?

Do you feel 100% confident about a consumer asking you a question?

Do you feel 100% confident that you can ask the right questions and have solutions?

Most cannot because our industry has failed to teach the basic fundamentals and have made us “financial sales robots” instead of outside the box true advisors. So how do you become a true advisor and capture more business?

Know how to read and understand the client’s tax return

While some advisors prepare reports, charts, and have the client fill out forms, I read the tax return. The tax return tells you approximately 90%-95% about the client. You will also be able to:

1. Increase your sales. (The right way)

2. Know most of the client’s investments. (How much would you pay for that?)

3. Make yourself different. (Who else is reading tax returns?)

4. Sales/marketing opportunities. (106 I have used and teach in my class.)

5. Establish professional relationships. (You can be the quarterback.)

6. Better understand your client. (The questions and answers are in the tax return.)

7. Protect you from financial and regulatory standpoint. (It can save you’re a**)

 I teach workshops that are one to two days in Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas. They are not free and they are not for lazy advisors. I work with some IMO’s that will pay for your course. Let me warn you I am a straight shooter that will push you to be the best. You can check out my television and radio appearances at  Also visit

If you want more info you can call Brian at (310) 804-3767.

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40 years in and around the industry has made Insurance a part of my DNA. I have had the pleasure of working with and for some of the greatest minds in our industry. My "Bersonal" View is an attempt to capture some of the best ideas, the best concepts and the best practices in a way that can lead to success for others. It will certainly be my point of view, so please...don't take it "Bersonal".
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