Transamerica responds to AG 38

As 2013 begins, we have seen a seismic shift in the Guaranteed UL world. Each carrier has responded differently to the new regulations depending on how they priced their product prior to 2013 and how they interpret the new regulation.

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As an IMO, we are on top of the price and product changes and can provide you with the most current up-to-date data. Our marketing team stands at the ready.

One carrier, Transamerica has taken a much different approach. Using a system that they call “real-time pricing”. Joe Aitro, Sales Vice President at Transamerica describes it this way:

“To help us all get to work building a successful 2013, Transamerica has rolled  out new TransACE® and TransACE Survivor® guaranteed
no-lapse UL products, with rates based on our patent-pending Real Time Pricing platform. Remember to ask, “What does greatness really look like?” when evaluating GUL products and their respective carriers. If the lowest premiums on a spreadsheet today leap out at you, you should also ask, “But what about next month, or next year?” And “Who is going to be able to maintain stability and sustainability in this market?” Real Time Pricing from Transamerica makes a commitment to do exactly that on our portfolio of ACE products. And did you know that with our ability to adjust the ACE interest rates on a weekly basis, we have reduced the cost of the no-lapse guarantee on both our TransACE and TransACE Survivor products three times? No other carrier in the industry has that ability to react to changes in market conditions without filing a new product. Add to this our flagship endorsements and Flat Extra Equivalent, and you can confidently tell your agents what greatness looks like: TransACE from Transamerica.”

Hyperbole aside, Joe and TransAmerica have a unique approach to AG 38. Here is a link to a full explanation of Real-Time Pricing.” Give it a listen and give us a call. We can help.


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