How to Use the Phone to Prospect

“7 ways Elite Advisors Use “The Phone” To Prospect, Set Appointments, And Close! ”

#1  Prior to every phone session, reflect on ALL of the ways you help consumers like you help people a) have financial & emotional independence b) protect the people that they love c) protect their retirement money from market losses due to market fluctuations & downturns. Why reflect?  Feeling great about what you do & having passion gets you to second base. What else do you need?  Knowing how to address phone objections  and knowing the right  words to use over the phone!

#2 Knowing the right words to use  over the phone – If you could record every phone call (or point of  sale presentation), you would notice a big difference between the words you use during “sales slumps” and when “everything is going well. “During sales slumps, your vocabulary—unintentionally—dwells on “Features” and ignores “Benefits”. For example, Lifetime Income Riders are a feature! Never outliving your money is the benefit! Surrender Charges on Fixed Annuities is a feature! “Having a guaranteed selling  price is the benefit!  IN OTHER WORDS, DISCUSS THE BENEFITS!

#3 Knowing the best way to schedule an appointment. Naturally,our Birthday/Inflation script is #1 since it can be used effectively with current  prospects, former clients, and prospects whom you have already met. All you have to know is a) the year they were born and b) use our proven script; a script that ALL of our  connections have free access to this summer.

#4  Knowing the best place to meet. (smile) When we die and go to heaven, we might find out that many of our clients would  have preferred to meet somewhere other than their home. For sure, prospects prefer a venue other than their home or your office!  For example, let’s make believe you are calling a person whom you have never met.  She is  75  years old. (smile) And you (a total stranger) want to meet her at night—in her home—and you want to talk about where she has ALL of her money. (smile) Ya think she might be just a little bit uncomfortable about meeting you.  What  is the solution so she can benefit  from your product? Ask this  closing question! Where is the best  place to meet for 30 minutes? My office, your house or at your favorite coffee or yogurt shop? Why does this work? 1) they know that risk of getting together with you is only 30 minutes of their time 2) they know they can get up and leave if they want to end the meeting 3) they enjoy their favorite coffee or yogurt and , more importantly, 4) they begin to think about their money.

#5 Knowing how to write a great Life & Health or Annuity script. There are 4  parts to a successful phone script: Intro/Explanatory/ Wouldn’t you/ Best places.

A Intro Section: ” Hello I am Bill Harris, an insurance  professional in the San Diego area since  1983. I hope this is a good time to talk for 45 seconds.”(no  pause) Note: We did NOT ask any question in the Intro. (of course, we would ask,”Is this best time to talk for 45 seconds?” if they were a client, former client, or colleague but you should NOT ask a question to a new prospect if you do NOT know the answer!

B Explanatory Section:  “We work with many people nearing retirement” (or name your specialty market) “and I help them diversify & protect SOME of their money from market  losses due to fluctuation or downturns” (or name your benefit)” and the reason I am calling is to see if we could meet for 30 minutes at your favorite coffee shop? (No Pause)

C Wouldn’t You Section:(repeat the benefit again) “You would like to protect some of your retirement money from market losses, wouldn’t you? (await a response)

D Best Places Close: “Where is the best  place to meet for 30 minutes? My office, your house or at your favorite coffee or yogurt shop?”

#6  Knowing  great phone approaches: a) Be  polite, b) at the least, have a smile in your voice at “the onset” and “during the best places to meet” close , c) assume they are going to say “YES”, d) do NOT interrupt  them, e) if they are not interested, ask if you can call them back in 30 days (and make sure you send them a note right after the phone call and send an E book, or Post or YouTube on day 15) f) never argue or debate g) keep script very conversational h) if using a land line, never put the receiver  down; if using a cell (and blue tooth), send yourself a voice message so you can hear the quality i) make the call standing up

#7 Knowing that their 2  types of objections & knowing how to address each type: 1) Brush off objections 2) Sincere objections. (the subject for a new Post or E Book soon)

SUMMARY: So pick up the phone but first reflect about all of the ways you can help people!  Add “the benefits” to your phone vocab! Use our Birthday/Inflation script and/or build your own phone script using our 4 sections: Intro/Explanatory/ Wouldn’t you/ Best place to meet sections. Meet them at their favorite coffee or yogurt place! And use proven phone tips & approaches!

Why?  WE owe it to our spouse. You owe it to our children. We owe it to our grandchildren. And we owe it to our clientele to be the best that we can be. AND WHEN YOU USE THE PHONE LIKE A PRO, YOU ARE FULFILLING YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES AS A SPOUSE, PARENT, GRANDPARENT, AND INSURANCE PROFESSIONAL.

(smile) Now pick up the phone & help someone! Have a great day!

* Naturally, your compliance department should review everything you plan to use and say. Feel free to forward this Post to them.

About Jeffrey Berson

40 years in and around the industry has made Insurance a part of my DNA. I have had the pleasure of working with and for some of the greatest minds in our industry. My "Bersonal" View is an attempt to capture some of the best ideas, the best concepts and the best practices in a way that can lead to success for others. It will certainly be my point of view, so please...don't take it "Bersonal".
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  1. Jayson says:

    That is very cool Jeff… Many many years ago I visited with Bill a few times in his office. I think it was around Salano beach not sure. He was kind enough to give me some of his time at no charge regarding selling annuities. I never really did anything with the business but I like the guy even though he has kind that showbiz thing in his approach… But thanks a lot for forwarding this on to me and everybody else

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