Life Insurance Awareness Month

AIG is making availalble to our producers-

Signatures for September is Life Insurance Month- Feel free to add these to your emails to make your clients aware of Life Insurance Month

Outlook Users Gmail Users
  1. In the Outlook ribbon, choose File ā†’ Options.
  2. In Outlook Options choose Mail and then select Signatures.
  3. Select a Signature to edit.
  4. Add the image by selecting the Image ( ) button. Choose the Image and click Insert.
  5. Highlight the Image, then select the Link
    ( ) button. Paste in this link:

Click OK twice.

  1. Log into Gmail and select Settings
    ( ). Choose Signature.
  2. Under Signature, select the Image ( ) button. Choose Upload then drag and drop the image in.
  3. Highlight the Image and select the Link
    ( ) button. Next to Link: select Change then add in this link:
  4. Go to bottom of page and select
    Save Changes.

LIAM September is Life Insurance Month
For Life Insurance Awareness Month this September, we are pleased to provide our valued distribution partners with email signature tags!

Reinforce the message that Life Insurance is less expensive than most Americans think1 while providing a fast, convenient place for recipients to click for more information by dropping these tags into your email signatures.

General Method
  1. Use your mouse to right click on the email tag you would like to use and select Copy
  2. Inside your email, below your signature, right click your mouse and select Paste.
Interested in more great resources for Life Insurance Awareness Month? Visit our Life Insurance Awareness Materials page or Life today!

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