AXA’s 1040 Overlay Program

As an IMO we have always promoted the idea of using tax returns as the basis of your practice. For the past three years we have sponsored our now state-of-the-art training called “Follow the Money – Tax Returns Lead to Sales Ideas” with industry leader Brian Gilder as the lead presenter:

Now the carriers are getting the idea. This would not be the 1st time that the carriers have responded to the field and provided resources. AXA has some great resources for our reps. This is timely as tax season is upon us and the time is now to reach out to our clients for these types of discussions.

1040 Overlay Resources

1040 Guide Book for 2012 Returns
Overlays for the 1040 and Schedule A
Sample Case Data for the 1040 and Schedule A
Brainshark Presentation: Using Client Tax Returns to Discover Their Planning Needs
Implementation Checklists:
— For Use with CPA’s and other Tax Professionals
— For Use with Clients and Prospects
— For Use by Agencies in Marketing to Producers
Sample Letters:
— For contacting Centers of Influence
— For your Tax Professionals to contact Younger Clients
— For your Tax Professionals to contact Clients Nearing Retirement
Case Study – Help CPAs Uncover Estate Planning Opportunities Using 1040 Overlay
“Insurance News Net” article, “You Don’t Get Referrals from CPAs, You Earn Them”
Tax E-Notices:
“Income Tax Law Changes” (Cat. #151029)
“Estate, Gift and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Law Changes for 2013” (Cat. #150908)
“Planning for the Medicare Surtax” (Cat. #150582)
“An Additional Medicare Tax on Earned Income” (Cat. #150909)
Special Disclosure for CPAs to obtain client consent to share their tax information.

The Tactics:

Make appointments to sit down with your clients to discuss their recent tax returns.
The Guide Book is a primer on the key areas you will want to discuss with your clients.
The overlays, placed on their own 1040 and Schedule A, will help highlight areas for discussion with your clients.

The Value:

Conversations with clients about planning issues that have remained hidden or ignored.
Opportunities to collaborate with CPAs and Tax Professionals on client planning needs.
Introductions to new prospects for your planning services and products.


All Ages
All Income Levels
All Stages of Life
Those with all forms of income: W-2 Income, Dividends, Interest, IRA and Pension Distributions, Social Security and all forms of Business Income.

Contact ISN today and ask for a copy  of the updated “1040 Overlay Kit.”


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