Introducing the Kai-Zen Executive Benefit Plan

How Does Kai-Zen Work?


The Kai-Zen Executive Benefit Plan is partially funded by the employer/executive and partially funded by bank financing. The financing provides approximately 60-75% of the total contribution to the plan thus reducing your cost while increasing benefits over what your contribution alone could achieve.

Each insured (the executive/partner, etc) has a segregated trust containing a Kai-Zen policy. The employer or the executive makes a contribution to the trust. A Master Trust bundles multiple individual trusts to obtain critical mass thereby getting optimal loan pricing. The contribution and the trust policy are the sole and only collateral for the Kai-Zen Plan financing. You don’t sign any loan document.

The cash growth along with future contributions (10 in total – 5 by the executive/employer) sustains the security of the loan and eventually pays off the loan in full. The result is a policy that has both a death benefit along with other sometimes, costly benefits. Once the loan is paid off, other benefits from the tax deferred growth of the cash value or policy riders include:

Or, can be used to fund Benefits for the Employer. The Kai-zen Plan can be utilized to cover both the event of death AND the person leaving for the following reasons:

  • Living Buy/Sell
  • Living Key Man
  • Living Partner Buyout

Contact us to learn more.- 1-800-338-1892

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