Questions Are the Answer

For any of you who have been to our “Transition Training” program, you know that we feel the best way to service your clients is by asking questions and listening to the answers. The old sales approach just does not work. In our training we talk about why it does not work and why if you ask the right questions you can better serve your clients and help them find the solutions that they need.

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I was pleased to see that industry guru Lew Nason believes the same as we do. Here is his article from Producers Web – the old ways just don’t work!

Old-fashioned sales techniques don’t work By Lew Nason

Do you want to set more appointments with the right prospects and close more and larger insurance and annuity sales in just a few days? Then isn’t it time for you to face up to the fact that the old sales techniques that have been taught for the past  50 years have completely lost their effectiveness?  

People today are too smart to fall for all those old-school mind games and gimmicks. Today, sales occur 98 percent of the time because the prospect has developed some respect and trust for the salesperson. And that kind of relationship only happens by having real conversations with people.
Today, you must learn to ask the right questions to get your prospects to tell you about their problems and what they really want.

By learning to ask the right questions and getting them to tell you, you’ll be able to move the sales process forward to get the result you want.  Learning to ask the right questions is the critical key to consistently setting high-quality appointments with your ideal prospects and closing more sales. Asking the right questions is how you establish immediate trust and competence with your prospects to build strong and lasting relationships. Remember, people buy from people they like and trust. Asking the right questions is how you get your prospects emotionally involved in the sales process. People buy based on emotions and justify their decision based on logic.  If you ask the right questions, it will make them want to solve their problems right now. You can learn how to conduct a better initial interview by trial and error, which is time-consuming and expensive. Or, you could find a mentor or hire a sales coach. Or, you could choose to live with a 25 percent to 40 percent closing ratio. The choice is yours!

About Jeffrey Berson

40 years in and around the industry has made Insurance a part of my DNA. I have had the pleasure of working with and for some of the greatest minds in our industry. My "Bersonal" View is an attempt to capture some of the best ideas, the best concepts and the best practices in a way that can lead to success for others. It will certainly be my point of view, so please...don't take it "Bersonal".
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