Super Bowl Lessons

Another guest article from the Master of Sports and Finance  Brian Gilder. Brian has made a career of teaching reps how to make finances simple. Brian uses his vast knowledge of sports and finance to make  learning easy and finances fun. Enjoy

The Super Bowl Can Teach You 4 Ways to Get a Grip on Your Finances

  1. Football and Financial “Experts” are not always right – How many football experts predicted that the Broncos and Panthers would be facing each other in the Super Bowl? Not many.   In the financial world how many experts were right on where the S&P 500 would close for last year? Many times so called “financial experts” can send people into a panic with their outlooks of the financial world. Remember, these financial experts do not understand your financial situation, goals, objectives and time frame. Cam Newton and Peyton Manning have a “Game Plan” before they take the field; they have spent hours preparing, planning and practicing different situations to get ready for their opponent. Newton and Manning will not let so called “Football Experts” influence them on how to play quarterback. Therefore, by having a “Game Plan” before you take the financial field, you do not have to hit the panic button every time some “financial expert” paints a doom and gloom story. Stick to your financial game plan!
  2. Peyton Manning Proves Consistent Investing works- Manning has played 17 years in the NFL and has built up over 70,000 passing yards and over 500 touchdowns. With these accomplishments, Manning is a shoe- in for Pro Football Hall of Fame. When it comes to Investing money, you need to think like Peyton Manning. Manning did not just get 500 touchdowns in one game; this took many years, and he did it game by game for 17 years. When it comes to investing, you need to consistently save money little by little every month for many years, and let it grow. Also, Peyton Manning has had some down years in football; you to will have some down years with your investments. If you stay the course, you could be like the Peyton Manning of investments and make the “Financial Hall of Fame”.
  3. Cam Newton Proves Passion and Desire Accomplish Financial Goals- Cam Newton and the Panthers were 50-1 odds of winning the Super Bowl at the beginning of the year. Cam Newton has taken his passion, desire and Superman mentality and has accomplish what nobody thought the Panthers could accomplish, Super Bowl 50. Many people can’t image getting out of debt, setting up a realistic budget, or saving enough money for retirement. By having the want, desire and passion, you can accomplish your financial goals.   Remember, for the Panthers to make it to the Super Bowl, it was a daily grind.  It is a grind to get out of debt, setting up a budget, or saving for retirement. However, if it was easy, everyone would do it. Get a Cam Newton Superman mentality, and get out of debt.
  4. Defense Wins Games in Football and Finances-  Quarterbacks, Running backs, and Wide Receivers will receive most of the highlights.   However, the Denver’s defense and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, is one of the main reasons the Broncos are in the Super Bowl.   Defensive wins games. The same is true in the financial field; many people do not have the right defensive and protection in case of an unforeseen medical expense, or if they get laid off from their job. Your financial defensive team should include the right kinds and amounts of insurance, dealing with debt, emergency planning, and preparing for predictable and unpredictable events that can affect your financial security.

Brian Gilder, CFP®, CLU®, CHFC®

Contact: (310) 804-3767

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  1. ben ward says:

    great stuff, simple and concise.

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